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How to become a Skydiver-A.F.F.

(Accelerated Free Fall)

The A.F.F. course (Accelerated Free Fall) is the most modern e complete instruction's system to give you all the knowledge and technical, to be a safe skydiver.

Theoretical course:

This course consists in 8 hours ground, and prepare you to deal with your first jump. The course can take place all year round, compatibly with the weather conditions.

Pratical course:

In this course you find 7 levels, during which you will be assisted by two instructors. They will support you , keeping you close them, from over 4000 meters till the parachute's opening ( planing and governable). During first 4 levels, the studend, during the free fall will be assisted by two instructors, and when the sail is opened, the studend will be in communication through a small radio placed in the elmet for a safe landing. From level 5 to level 7 only one instructor will be there during free fall and another one on the ground connected with the radio.


All of the jumps will be recorded with a videocamera to analyse the committed mistakes used during debriefing. For each level will be assigned determined exercises. Upon passed all of the 7 levels, you will be qualified to jump alone, obtaining a "diploma"..

Physical requirements:

There are no particular contraindications, to take part at this course is necessary an agonistic medical certificate for sports parachuting that can be released by a sports doctor registered at F.I.M.S. . In the course you find: didactical materials, ground course for 8 hours, pratical simulations on the ground, 7 jumps from 4200m, equipment and parachute rent, 7 jumps from 4200 meters, 7 free fall videos. Briefing and debriefing for each level.

Motiviation jump

Motiviation jump:

A lots of services's company are contacting sporting centers where you can find extrem sports, like bungee jumping and last but not least parachuting, to include a different day in a corporate travel. The connection between an holiday and emotions from practing a tandem jump, is the ideal way to create motivation and safety in themselves, and overall in their job. At this test is added an individual self control test.

The typical day , after a short presentation from the staff, a group's briefing with participants, a plage and a taste of the local culinary specialties. At the end of this experience, the best moments will be recorded with videos and pictures!. Thanks to collaborations with local structures, Skydive Calabria is able to offer a multitude of additional services as needed. The commitment of the founders, helped by the contribution of many fans, has created the conditions to make every event as an unforgettable experience.

VDS Course

VDS Course (Ultra light aircraft)

Thanks to close cooperation with Primavio, you can take part to the VDS flight course that allows you to achieve the Pilot Certificate VDS, multi axes and so flying with ultralight. With this certificate you will be a pilot and fly over our wonderful places! The course is divided in 36 theoretical hours and a 16 hours practical part.

Theoretical program:

Theoretical lessons are substained by a qualyfied VDS instructor, in 6 night hours.

Topics are:

Introduction to flight for pleasure and sport
Aircraft notions
Flying techniques
Materials and safety
Navigation tools
Traffic regulations and principles of aviation law
Aeronautics and first aid medicine
Quizzes and Pre-exam

Practical Program:

The practical program is divided in two consecutive phases, respectively, initial and advanced training, preparatory to obtaining the certificate, for a total minimum of 16 hours of dual flight, developed in different missions depending on the student accommodation and his learning standards. Each flight mission provides a briefing and a debriefing and must be entered on the student's school record with instructor's annotations.

The practical lessons are carried out in the days of your choice, on the dates and times you will agree directly with the instructor. We are at your disposal to fly every day, so even on weekends.

During the 16 hours of flight you will learn to conduct secure the aircraft in all its phases of the flight.

Course summary:

36 hours theoretical lessons
Minimum 16 hours of flight with an instructor on board the aircraft TECNAM P92 Advanced
Teaching materials (Textbook, lecture notes, ..)
Flight Operations Insurance
Membership fee up to obtaining the certificate.

NOT included in the course:

Exam fees for the Aero Club of Italy (about €. 180,00)
The cost of the medical examination
The cost of obtaining clearance from the police

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